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The GRcade Twitchcast Episode 30 – Who is Corazon De Leon!

This week’s episode of the GRcade Twitchcast Corazon De Leon and Pedz as your hosts.

The Twitchcast this week is all about Cora. Pedz had written down a ‘few’ questions (some are the same that Doomspoon answered.) The questions, for the most part, revolve around Cora’s life with games and while a few questions about other aspects of his life are asked they are trivial questions in general. The reason for this is to get to know more about Cora as a gamer. Maybe, just maybe we’ll do this again, but with very different questions? Hopefully, that will happen with all who has taken part in the twitchcasts so far and in the future. There are questions from the chat and one came from Karl on the GRcade forum itself. Now, enjoy the show and get to know more about the wonderful Corazon de Leon.


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This is a community podcast streamed live to Twitch. The community is the video games forum GRcade. Why not check out the forum and get involved with the discussion about Games + Stuff?