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The GRcade Twitchcast Episode 28 – Catching up and Checking In!

This week the hosts of The GRcade Twitchcast are Doom Spoon, Pedz and Victor Mildew.

This is the first Twitchcast in a while and the idea was to have a shorter podcast and just have a catch-up.

The guys start off talking about Animal Crossing: New Horizons. What’s discussed is how often they play it, if they’ve stopped, what he game is like for them, what hole it fills in their gaming life compared to other games and simply if they like it.

Moving on from Animal Crossing and the discussion turns to Half-Life: Alyx, where Victor explains how the gameplay and also lets us knows how thoughts about the game in how good it is, how he feels it would be without VR and just his general views on its general quality.

After that talk turns to puzzle games, where The Witness is briefly mentioned before it turns to chat about Picross S4 and the Picross series in general and how there are just certain games whether you like games or not that partners just seem to really enjoy playing together.

Talk turns a little more serious with some talk about the Corona Virus. The chat is more about how everyone is coping with the isolation or, having to work in a place where getting the virus could have some serious impacts. The guys say that there is a thread on GRcade that if you need to chat about the impact that the isolation on you mentally then you should absolutely go there and talk, talking can really help when emotions are running high or mental wellbeing is low, so please if you need to come and talk in the ‘Depression, Anxiety, or other Mental Health Conditions’  thread.  There are also helplines to call if you need to talk to somebody to help you through this time. a quick google search will bring up tons of results for your area and beyond.

If you would like to listen to the audio file only: Click!

This is a community podcast streamed live to Twitch. The community is the video games forum GRcade. Why not check out the forum and get involved with the discussion about Games + Stuff?