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The GRcade Twitchcast Episode 25 – Chilled Christmas Chat!

This week the hosts of the GRcade Twitchcast are Jazzem, Mattking85, Pedz and The Doom Spoon.

This week Doom and Pedz start the Twitchcast to talk about Christmas. Well, it’s more about which Christmases in the past have really stuck in their memory. The stories that are generally very happy stories. Although Doom does have a saddening story about him and his grandfather.

The chat turns to Game of the Year. Booth Doom and Pedz are sort of at a loss. While both have played a fair few games, most have been from previous years. They do narrow it down in the end, though.

Doom then Askes Pedz the question, what if anything in the gaming space left an impression on you? Pedz has a think and both Doom and Pedz discuss what had left impressions on them, positive and negative.

Unfortunately, Doom has to leave, but Matt and soon after Jazzem joins to talk about their happy Christmas game memories. They also talk about their Games of the Year and again the question is asked if anything left an impression on you. There are actually quite a few subjects bandied about.

It was a little different this week in that Pedz suggested playing some games while doing the Twitchcast, in a hope that it would have a different feel to the usual. As while no Christmas games were played it was suggested that having a slightly different feel to the Twitchcast would be nice when talking about Christmas experiences.

If you would like to listen to the audio file only: Click Here.

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The GRcade Twitchcast Episode 16 – The Root of All Evil!

The hosts of this weeks GRcade Twitchcast are Pedz and The Doom Spoon.

This week the conversation starts with the chat about The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. A game that Pedz has played back on the Gameboy and Doom is playing for the first time. The chat is more about the controversy surrounding the framerate issues, than the gameplay.

Moving on to the second topic is Untitled Goose Game, where Pedz talks briefly about his short play session on it. While Doom hasn’t played it, he’s got the game and is rather intrigued by it.

Then lastly we have The Guardian’s Top 50Ggames of the 21st Century to talk about. Unfortunately, the chat is rather quick as Doom had personal commitments and it resulted in Pedz just telling games to fuck off so they could move on quickly to another game.

For audio only download click here: Click here.