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The GRcade Twitchcast Episode 23 – Playing Games and Singing Songs!

This week Jenuall, Pedz, The Doom Spoon and Victor Mildew are your wonderful hosts.

The conversations start with Half-Life: Alyx, and reminiscing about Half-Life in general and some VR chat too.

We then have Victor Mildews Debut of his second Christmas song. The opening song was his first.

Victor has to leave us again here as he is unwell, has work the next and has to walk his doggo. The guys continue to talk games though and they move onto Poké… No, no Pokémon this week, the chat is actually about Sonic the Hedgehog. There have been a fair few things unearthed by people when it comes to Sonic Prototypes and the guys like Sonic and are all interested in looking at things that ‘may have been but did not come to pass’.

Lastly, when the topic changes again, it’s focus is not on a particular game or series, but it goes back to a subject from a previous week and that is talking about game streaming, Stadia, Xcloud are Amazon coming into the fray? What do the guys think? Are they getting paid for the things they are saying about Amazon?

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The GRade Twitchcast Episode 17 – The Name Will Come Later!

The hosts of this weeks GRcade Twitchcast are Pedz and The Doom Spoon.

This week the guys talk about the latest PlayStation State of Play. The games they’ve shown, whether it was engaging enough – did anything pique anyone’s interest?

After that, the chat turns to the Inside XBox presentation and again similar things are discussed; which was more interesting?

Lastly, it’s been 2 weeks since Robocop Versus Terminator was picked as a game that both will replay to see if it still holds up and whether nostalgia is a big part of that. Both have played the game, but, how does it fare today? Pedz also played the NES prototype game and that’s rather different. During the podcast, there is footage from the game shown. Check it out on YouTube if you are interested in seeing some of the points made.

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GRcade Twitchcast Episode 16 – The Root of All Evil!

The hosts of this weeks GRcade Twitchcast are Pedz and The Doom Spoon.

This week the conversation starts with the chat about The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. A game that Pedz has played back on the Gameboy and Doom is playing for the first time. The chat is more about the controversy surrounding the framerate issues, than the gameplay.

Moving on to the second topic is Untitled Goose Game, where Pedz talks briefly about his short play session on it. While Doom hasn’t played it, he’s got the game and is rather intrigued by it.

Then lastly we have The Guardian’s Top 50Ggames of the 21st Century to talk about. Unfortunately, the chat is rather quick as Doom had personal commitments and it resulted in Pedz just telling games to fuck off so they could move on quickly to another game.

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