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A Monday, A Glorious Retro Monday


For nearly the past year I have been doing Retro Monday, which has been fun. I’ll let you know what it is before I talk about why I’m making this post.

Every week a person from the forum is chosen to pick 3 retro titles, those 3 games are then put to a vote and the winning game gets played on Monday at 7:45pm (BST) by me. I’ll be looking at games from the Nintendo Entertainment system, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Master System, Mega Drive, Gameboy/Color, Gameboy Advance, Game Gear and classic PC Titles. I’ll only be playing them for an hour at a time. If I really like the game I’ll play them more through the week. I have done this with QuackShot Starring Donald Duck. I have also completed some other games during the hour stream (Star Wing/Star Fox and Contra.)

OK, so with that out of the way Here’s my plan for posting here.  Every week I will keep you all up to date with my thoughts about the retro titles I play on Monday and also how good I think they are. retro-monday-thumbnailObviously not all games will get a complete play through, but I’ll give an opinion the best I can and if you disagree you can leave a comment telling me exactly why. It’s all in the nature of fun though and nothing to be taking too seriously. Roll on Retro Mondays!!