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The GRcade Twitchcast Episode 30 – Who is Corazon De Leon!

This week’s episode of the GRcade Twitchcast Corazon De Leon and Pedz as your hosts.

The Twitchcast this week is all about Cora. Pedz had written down a ‘few’ questions (some are the same that Doomspoon answered.) The questions, for the most part, revolve around Cora’s life with games and while a few questions about other aspects of his life are asked they are trivial questions in general. The reason for this is to get to know more about Cora as a gamer. Maybe, just maybe we’ll do this again, but with very different questions? Hopefully, that will happen with all who has taken part in the twitchcasts so far and in the future. There are questions from the chat and one came from Karl on the GRcade forum itself. Now, enjoy the show and get to know more about the wonderful Corazon de Leon.


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This is a community podcast streamed live to Twitch. The community is the video games forum GRcade. Why not check out the forum and get involved with the discussion about Games + Stuff?

SNES Game Review 49: Super Ghouls N Ghosts

Sometimes there is a game series that just seems to pop up in your life again and again. I did a lot of my gaming on the spectrum to start with and I played a heck of a lot on a certain 9 or 10 games, one of these games was ghouls and goblins. Now the game worked on the spectrum it was perfectly playable but like a lot of spectrum games the game was playable but the graphics and the colours used were a mess. At the time we dealt with them because well hey that’s all we had. Compare this to now days when if a game on the current generation of Xbox one’s and PS4 doesn’t hit 1080p at a constant of at least 30 frames per second then it is considered to some degree to be a failure. I could go on to a whole rant about how gamers now days can be so judgemental or how kids have grown up as graphical whores who seem to deny a game any merit unless it meets a certain set of numerical standards, or how we could use our imagination back then but I wont. Instead I will simply say that when there was a jump in quality from one machine to the next it amazed us and we appreciated it.

Next Ghosts and Goblins game into my life, my brother’s friend was the first to have it on his megadrive which he would bring round to our house. One day he turned up with that and Rambo 3 and we all pretty much spent the better part of about 6 hours trying to get as far as we could in the two of them. I got the megadrive version myself some years latter. When I first saw the SNES game Super Ghouls and Ghosts my reaction was oh they ported it to the Snes and felt they needed to add a Super in to the name big deal been there done that. I was wrong though. I don’t know if you could fully describe it as a sequel as there seems to be a lot taken from both Ghosts and Goblins and Ghouls and ghosts in this game so it’s either just a sequel sticking very close to the original format or it’s a sort of Ghosts 2.5 semi sequel of sorts. What I do know though is that it is more than worth owning both the Megadrive and Snes games if you can pick them up, and if you like a challenge.

If you don’t like games that will repeatedly hammer you into the ground, that will repeatedly see you die and have to try again and again then do not go near this game. If you enjoy a challenge though and you get a great sense of pride from doing what moments before seemed almost impossible then this game is going to be digital crack to you. A friend of mine well his parents used to have a sort of agreement with him, he didn’t get much pocket money because they thought he would spend it all on sugared sweets and run around fruit loops so they used to give him a small amount but then they’d buy him games every now and then throughout the year. One of the rules though was that his Dad picked the games so he didn’t get rubbish ones (he got a say in his Christmas and birthday presents but not these random games) and that he had to be completing games in order to get new ones…. and yep you’ve guessed it the poor git got brought Super Ghosts and Goblins. I had gotten it myself so we used to compare how far we had got at least until the day he begged his folks for permission to trade it in for something that didn’t make him scream.

The graphics were kind of basic but had a lot of color in them and fitted the theme well. The music though man I loved the music from the very first time I heard it. One funny thing to note is that there used to be a sofa place not sure if it still exists if it does it certainly isn’t on TV anymore but it used to be called ‘’The Leather Warehouse’’ and for some reason I couldn’t Listen to the song in the first stage without singing  ‘’The leather Warehouse at a moment where it seemed to fit in’’  (the song goes kind of  Daaaa dadd daaaaa daa daaaa daaaa daaaa   followed with a silent pause and in the silent pause id always shout it) I was at a gaming convention in there retro room one year (Game City) which is held in Nottingham and I was playing this on the big TV and even did it, have to admit lots of people looked at me very strangely especially the younger ones who probably didn’t know what I was on about or thought it was some kind of bondage club… Still I digress the music gets in to your head so deep.

I love the game but it’s a hard one to rate as it all depends on if you like a challenge if you do then its an 8 out of 10, if you don’t then well its more a 5 or a 6 as your not going to be saying its bad but you will soon be referring to it with swear words and feeling like you wasted your money. Plenty of copies of this game cart only sell for around the 15 quid mark or more even imports. I would suggest it might be wise to look at investing in one of Capcoms classic collections as you wont pay much more and you will get a bunch of other games with it.. there have been classics like this for the ps1, ps2, psp etc. Capcom its stuff like this that makes me remember my love for you.

The GRcade Twitchcast Episode 28 – Catching up and Checking In!

This week the hosts of The GRcade Twitchcast are Doom Spoon, Pedz and Victor Mildew.

This is the first Twitchcast in a while and the idea was to have a shorter podcast and just have a catch-up.

The guys start off talking about Animal Crossing: New Horizons. What’s discussed is how often they play it, if they’ve stopped, what he game is like for them, what hole it fills in their gaming life compared to other games and simply if they like it.

Moving on from Animal Crossing and the discussion turns to Half-Life: Alyx, where Victor explains how the gameplay and also lets us knows how thoughts about the game in how good it is, how he feels it would be without VR and just his general views on its general quality.

After that talk turns to puzzle games, where The Witness is briefly mentioned before it turns to chat about Picross S4 and the Picross series in general and how there are just certain games whether you like games or not that partners just seem to really enjoy playing together.

Talk turns a little more serious with some talk about the Corona Virus. The chat is more about how everyone is coping with the isolation or, having to work in a place where getting the virus could have some serious impacts. The guys say that there is a thread on GRcade that if you need to chat about the impact that the isolation on you mentally then you should absolutely go there and talk, talking can really help when emotions are running high or mental wellbeing is low, so please if you need to come and talk in the ‘Depression, Anxiety, or other Mental Health Conditions’  thread.  There are also helplines to call if you need to talk to somebody to help you through this time. a quick google search will bring up tons of results for your area and beyond.

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This is a community podcast streamed live to Twitch. The community is the video games forum GRcade. Why not check out the forum and get involved with the discussion about Games + Stuff?