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The GRcade Twitchast Episode 20 – Enter the Dolphin!

Pedz is joined by Tafdolphin, who is making his first Twitchcast appearance. Although those that listened to the GRcade Podcast 2.0 will recognize Taf.

This episode Taf and Pedz have been playing a few different games. Taf wanted to talk about The Outer Worlds and a game called Disco Elysium, comparing how the way conversation trees and action in games are done differently and why he prefers the latter game’s way of doing it.

Pedz talks about a few other games, where he segues into horror games which also segued into the horror/Halloween theme. A few days after Halloween had happened, the guys thought why not talk about horror. We all like horror, bar Doom, the baby.

The third topic, Pedz and Taf talk about Blizzcon, which leads to a little political chat about Hong Kong and Blizzard’s attitude and apology.

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The GRcade Twitchcast Episode 19 – A Smelly Solo Session!

This week the Twitchcast is hosted solo by The Doom Spoon.

This week Doom talks about Fortnite going offline. Is one of the biggest games at the moment going offline a big risk?

In other news, Bethesda and Id Software delay of Doom Eternal – whether it’s a good, bad, necessary measure. It not being delayed but up to scratch would be worse than it releasing soon and disappointing players.

There’s a section of Doom checking some GRcade topics to see who smells, which is different, but, it’s pretty fun.

The last topic is quite different from the norm. It’s video game -related, but, it’s also very political in that it’s about Blizzard and the banning of a Hearthstone player for speaking out against China’s oppression of Hong Kong.

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