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The GRcade Twitchcast Episode 29 – Talking Games and #BLM!

On the GRcade Twitchcast this week we have Jenuall, Pedz and Victor Mildew hosting along with newcomer Corazon De Leon.

The first port of call is talking about some of the games that we have played and Cora starts with Resident Evil 6 chat and the chat revolves around how the game is, how it is compared to other Resident Evil Games and is it a good or bad game and some brief chat of the other games in the series.

Victor then talks about Assetto Corsa Competizione a Racing Game that is very much a sim and simulates the Blancpain GT3 Series and then Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition which is a game that a few people have played a little, or played the Wii version. The discussion here goes into the gameplay, music, the updated visuals and of course the voice acting.

Jenuall talks about briefly about Doom, the classic from the ’90s and then he talks about Super Mario Maker 2 and the ‘Are You A Master Mario Maker?’ Jenuall talks about his experience with Mario Maker and how he;’s finding he AYAMMM? Competition.

Then, coming back to Cora he brings up Half-Life 2/The Orange Box and has recently played through Half-Life 2 and both episodes, having not really played them in the past. During this talk, Victor has to leave for his is 10 PM Dog Walking. Lastly, Wolfenstein is talked about.

The topics here shift from What we’ve played to what’s happening in the news.

Well, first off there’s the Sega Game Gear Micro. It’s a tiny version of the Game Gear and doesn’t really resonate with the hosts. Briefly touched upon is also Sega’s Arcade Cloud service and a little chat about Arcade Games.

The last topic of conversion is the Black Lives Matter protests. The topic comes up due via Sony, Nintendo and Xbox showing support via Twitter, many things are brought up here including the question is it enough? This is a long conversation and is probably the most serious conversation that has been had on this podcast, even though this is a gaming podcast the guys personally felt that this was too big of a cause to not talking about it.

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Retro Monday: The Simpsons


This week was the week that we celebrated the 1st year anniversary of Retro Monday, and to celebrate I managed to get 3 other people to play a co-op game with me, that game was The Simpsons for the Arcade.

The Simpsons was released in 1991 and was your classic Konami beat ’em up. The game itself was a side scrolling 2D brawler where you play as the Simpson family trying to rescue Maggie from the evil clutches of Waylon Smithers. You get to play as Marge, Homer, Bart and Lisa,  they all have the same basic attacks though I believe there is a difference in their ranges.

Visually the graphics are nice and many of the classic Simpsons characters can be seen through out from Barney Gumble to Side-Show Bob to even more obscure characters.

We managed to play through the game to completion, but it was no easy feat, the difficulty on normal folk isn’t to bad, but the bosses and some other enemies have some pretty cheap mechanics that are involved just to take your money, we blasted through a ton of credits by the end. The game is fun to play though and with people it’s a great laugh as we quoted Simpson references as different characters appeared on screen, or just in general. The one thing I can say that playing this is immense fun with a group of people, I don;t think it’d be as enjoyable on your own, the whole point is the 3 playere co-op.

All in All I would recommend this game whole heartedly due to it being a genuinly good Beat ’em up, but if you can get a few friends together you’ll have a whale of a time.

Verdict: Recommend.