Author: Pedz

Retro Monday: Might Morphin Power Rangers

This week I was given a game that I have actually played before, and have fond memories of it. This week I was given Might Morphin Power Rangers on the Super Nintendo. Now, this is a game that is really rather simple, it’s your basic beat ’em up.

You start out by picking your Ranger out of 5, and then you are sent into a level when you punch and kick putty enemies to death. These levels are a little different to your normal beat ’em up, in that they are separated into three parts. The first part sees you as your unpowered Power Ranger, where you take on different colour Putty enemies, the second part sees you morph and become fully powered up to take on the putties, which appear to take fewer hits to defeat when powered up, and the third part sees you taking on a boss. The stages have variety also, going from the streets of Angel Grove into warehouses and the sewers which fill with water making you swim. The combat is pretty basic, though, it’s one button to punch and you can do a more powerful attack by pressing up and attack at the same time. You also get a special attack that seems to do a lot of damage to everything on screen at once.

Visually I like the game it’s rather nice and vibrant, they only real complaint is that the Power Rangers themselves all look the same in that when they are powered up the sprite is the same bar a different colour when the should be various helmets and a skirt on the pink ranger. That is a small gripe.

The music in this game is also wonderful, it has a catchy rockish soundtrack to it and is actually pretty damn enjoyable. I would say to any old school Power Rangers fan that this game is worth a shot and it is, even if you aren’t a fan, there’s plenty of fun to be had in just beating on things.

Verdict: Recommend.

Retro Monday: Turbo Out Run

First off, I’ll let you know that I am bad at racing games, ask those who’s seen me on a Retro Monday where I’ve had a racing game, or the folk I’ve played Driveclub and Mario Kart with.

Anyway, Turbo Out Run is the Sequel to Out Run, it was originally an arcade game where you had a steering wheel and a big booth to sit in. I have played the Mega Drive conversion, which obviously doesn’t have the same feel as sitting down and taking the wheel. I will say that the game is still really enjoyable, if – at least for me – a little difficult. I only managed to get to the 3rd stage and nearly to the 4th, but it was hard going. You need to know when to speed up, slow down, use your turbo boost at the right times, and using the turbo for me was tricky. Most of the time I’d use it, I’d come to corners which were difficult to take. I assume that finishing a race without using turbo must be hard if not impossible to do and using it optimally is no easy feat.

The game is your typical arcade racer, and follows the Out Run style, where you get in your Ferrari and drive to the checkpoints as fast as you can, the visuals are nice, though not as nice as their Arcade counterpart which has a lot more on screen also, and the soundtrack is pretty great. All in all, you’ve got a neat and tidy arcade racer that’s probably a bit underrated compared to it’s older brother.

Verdict: Recommend.


Retro Monday: Kickle Cubicle

This game has come up several times on some peoples lists to get played, but until this week hasn’t managed to get the votes it’s needed to actually win.

It’s yet another game I haven’t played, which is now becoming a common theme.

Kickle Cubicle is a puzzle game, so put it simply you control a boy named Kickle , and you have to turn enemies into ice cubes and hit them into water which create ice paths to the Dream Bags which in turn finishes the level.

It all sounds pretty simple and the earlier levels are, but the do ramp up in difficulty and while I didn’t get to the end of the game to see the meatier puzzles I did get about half way through. I can safely say that it’s an interesting take on the puzzle genre. You can only turn certain enemies into blocks that can be used to create ice paths, others can be frozen, but defrost after a while, others can be frozen, then some smash and more. All the while each enemies you defeat respawns, so you have to constantly keep an eye out and what’s respawning and what’s already on the ice field. You also have bosses at the end of each set of puzzle stages, which is simple to beat, just avoid the attacks and hit the items back at them.

Visually the game is really nice, especially considering it is mainly ice. the sprites are really well done, are vibrant and cheerful. The Music in the game is catchy and again cheerful.


Overall the game is really good, and it was worth the wait to play, I can safely say that it’s one of the best puzzlers I have played.

Verdict: Highly Recommend