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Free to Play

I can recall the theme tunes for many of the programs I watched when I was very young because children’s brains just absorb information as a survival mechanism; a process which advertisers and producers use for merchandise and general awareness among their hyper-receptive audience as a vector to their parents’ wallets. However fondly we remember the entertainment …

Saving money on videogames

Gaming is an increasingly expensive hobby; in 2016 the traditional fixed console cycle is coming to an end with Microsoft’s Scorpio and Sony’s PS4 Pro consoles. nVidia’s 1000-series and AMD’s 400-series GPUs are providing graphical and computational power at relatively affordable prices that only a few years ago would be out of reach of almost …

A Monday, A Glorious Retro Monday

For nearly the past year I have been doing Retro Monday, which has been fun. I’ll let you know what it is before I talk about why I’m making this post. Every week a person from the forum is chosen to pick 3 retro titles, those 3 games are then put to a vote and …